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Professional Services


Professional Services 


We offer professional services and expertise that provide our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective Implementation of Mobile Experience's test scripting and automation solutions. This covers the entire life-cycle of your service testing project. Our team of experts is ready to support as follows:

  • Collect test requirements and propose industry best practices  

  • End-to-End service testing automation

  • Custom scripting

  • Metric Analysis / Trend analysis via report applications

  • Design test scenarios services

  • System device integration

  • Specialized mobile device testing applications

  • Service troubleshooting for complex scenarios

Our professional service offerings are based on years of mobile device expertise, proven best practices, and providing actionable data via custom-built reports.


Engineering​ Services

ME engineers take an "out-of-the-box" approach, which allows them to analyze problems and challenges with an open mind and fresh perspective. The team has a diverse set of skills that includes:

  • .NET Programming

  • Perl and Python Scripting

  • Web API Development

  • FPGA Development

  • PCB Design


Testing Services

Testing mobility services is imprinted into the DNA of the ME engineering team. The ME team has extensive experience in testing with real devices, both in the lab and in the field, manually or automated. Some examples of testing services include:

  • Lab-based test setup and planning

  • Implementation of test automation utilizing ME technology

  • Surgical field testing for DAS venues

  • Augmenting standard drive-testing services. 

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Solution Architecting

One of the passions of the ME team is creating technology and solutions that meet a customer's specific needs. With our Solution Architecting services, ME team members are able to facilitate larger test system integration and planning. We can also assist in the development of extensible and robust solutions that will scale as your needs grow. 

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